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From: Examining the Sinners Prayer

So you walk up to this man [sinner] and you say, “God loves you and He has a wonderful plan for your life!” and he goes, “What? God loves me?  That’s fantastic.  I LOVE ME, TOO!  And He loves me more than I love me?  Well, that’s hard to imagine. I’ll take a God like that.  You got two of them?”  ~Paul Washer

This country is no more saved than; well … it’s as lost as they say in Alabama, “… as lost as a ball in tall grass.”  ~Paul Washer

The problem is, even when we preach the Gospel correctly, then we go to this thing on how to invite men and it’s not biblical or historical.  We get them to jump through some evangelical hoops and say, “yes” to the appropriate questions and we pope-ishly announce them to be saved.  ~Paul Washer

When someone comes along later and tries to preach the Gospel to them because they’re living in the world, they won’t listen.  ~Paul Washer

How many people do you know believe they’re going to heaven because, they’re not trusting so much in Christ as they are the sincerity of the decision they made a long time ago?  ~Paul Washer

Jesus … HIS sheep, they know His voice and they follow Him whether you disciple them or not!  ~Paul Washer

We deal five minutes with a person and their conversion and then we spend the next fifty years trying to disciple a goat into a sheep.  I’m not saying this because I’m angry.  I’m saying this because countless people are being deceived.  ~Paul Washer

The problem is not liberal politicians, its evangelical preachers.  ~Paul Washer

He is the creator, and sustainer and Lord of all things and He is worthy of your honor and obedience.  ~Paul Washer

Instead of telling them God has a wonderful plan for their life – tell them who God is.  ~Paul Washer

If you give them a God made in their own image, I guarantee they’ll accept Him.  But He won’t be the God who saves.  ~Paul Washer

Tell them that everything in their life is going to have to bend to His will.  Repent and believe.  ~Paul Washer

Does our Gospel presentation make men excited about what God can do for them on this earth, or about whom God is?  ~Paul Washer

The question is not, “Do you know you are a sinner?” the question is this, “As you have heard me preach the Gospel, has God so worked in your life that the sin you once loved you now hate?”  ~Paul Washer

You go up to the devil and ask if he knows he’s a sinner and he’ll say, “Well, yes I am!  And a mighty fine one at that!”  ~Paul Washer

You must use the Holy Scriptures to teach them ─ the Holy Spirit using the sword to penetrate their heart and to show them what it truly means to be a sinner!  ~Paul Washer

Don’t touch the ark of God!  It is the God of Israel who is wounding people with regards to their sin.  Do NOT comfort the soul that God is breaking.  ~Paul Washer

Next, they’ll say, “Do you want to go to heaven?”  Have you ever had anybody say, “No, I’d rather go to hell.”  My friend, understand this, everyone wants to go to heaven.  They just don’t want God to be there when they get there.  ~Paul Washer

The question is not, “Do you want to go to heaven?”  The question is, “Do you want God?”  ~Paul Washer

Then they ask, “Do you want Jesus to come into your heart?”  Does it bother anyone that this formula or language is not found in the New Testament?  ~Paul Washer

“But I got saved that way!”  No, you got saved in spite of that way not because of that way.  ~Paul Washer

A man is saved only by faith … only by faith.  ~Paul Washer

In that moment of salvation, of belief, they are opening their lives to the person of Jesus.  ~Paul Washer

It [salvation] is not this flu shot mentality of an invitation of the Gospel.  ~Paul Washer

We call men to repent and believe.  And if they repent and believe, truly in that moment they are saved in that moment. But the evidence is more than just the sincerity of a prayer.  It is a continuation of the working of God in their life through sanctification.  ~Paul Washer

It is absurd to think that a man can believe in Christ, with his heart, and it not have a radical affect on the rest of his life.  ~Paul Washer

If someone is truly converted, they will publicly confess Christ in word and deed.  That does not mean presenting them in front of the church on the night of their supposed conversion.  ~Paul Washer

When God saves a man, He is regenerating his heart, turns him into a new creature, and the evidence is this … he will live like a new creature and he will confess Christ.  ~Paul Washer

The man who has truly believed in his heart … his life will be marked by a biblical confession of Christ in word and deed.  ~Paul Washer

We have taken that truth, that if you truly believe and you confess Christ even if it costs you your life … we have taken that beautiful truth and reduced it down to, “If you pray a little prayer before a bunch of people in a church in America, you can be guaranteed you were saved if you think you were sincere.”  ~Paul Washer

Again, the moment a person calls on the Lord he is saved.  But the evidence is not that one time in their life they were sincere when they prayed a prayer.  The evidence of their salvation is … is there genuine repentance?  Is there faith? And do both those evangelical graces continue on in their life and grow?  ~Paul Washer

The evidence of justification by faith is the ongoing work of sanctification through the Holy Spirit.  ~Paul Washer

Christ is not knocking on the door of a sinner’s heart, but on the door of a wayward church.  ~Paul Washer

The evidence that a person has truly opened their life to Christ is continued fellowship with Christ.  ~Paul Washer

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From: The Gift Nobody Wants

In the Apostolic invitation we see, “Repent and believe”.  ~Paul Washer

Most men [in the history of the church], were discipled through the preaching of the word of God. ~Paul Washer

The invitation we give cannot even be found in the New Testament. ~Paul Washer

If you notice in the New Testament, the invitation comes in the form of an authoritative command.  Repent and believe! ~Paul Washer

We wonder why the church is in such a state when it doesn’t even have the Gospel right. ~Paul Washer

The evidence … the raw-bone, biblical evidence that there was one time in your life that you repented unto salvation, is that you continue repenting until today and continue growing in repentance. ~Paul Washer

Christianity is not a once-and-for-all flu shot. ~Paul Washer

A person who can show no mark in the sanctifying work of God in their life has no assurance that they have been justified. ~Paul Washer

Repentance, at its most basic root means ‘a changed mind’ with regard to reality itself. ~Paul Washer

When God comes into the heart of man, what happens?  He sees God and, in the light of that, he sees himself and he’s broken. ~Paul Washer

In that revelation of God, and in that revelation of sinfulness, comes the revelation of the salvation of God through the face of Jesus Christ. ~Paul Washer

Your joy is no longer going to be your performance, your joy is going to be in the thinnest work of God in Jesus Christ. ~Paul Washer

Supposed gifting and supposed signs and powers in ministry are not necessarily the same thing as fruit. ~Paul Washer

You are struggling to DO … you need to struggle to BE. ~Paul Washer

There are certain characteristics of true discipleship.  If you lose those characteristics, you may replace them with other things but its not true discipleship. ~Paul Washer

What does a real disciple of Jesus Christ look like?  He’s poor in spirit; he mourns over sin; he’s gentle; he hungers and thirsts for righteousness; he’s merciful; he’s pure in heart (in the sense he has no undivided loyalties); he is a peacemaker; and he is marked by persecution. ~Paul Washer

A false prophet is known by two things; the fruit that they bear, and the gospel they preach. ~Paul Washer

It’s absolutely absurd to say you are a disciple of Jesus Christ yet not bear the fruit of Jesus Christ. ~Paul Washer

How is it we can believe that someone can be Christian and yet live a life of continuous rebellion against God? ~Paul Washer

How can you say you’ve had an encounter with God and not be changed? ~Paul Washer

They ought to kick most pastors out of their practice because, out of cowardice or self-preservation, they will not preach the Gospel. ~Paul Washer

Salvation is a supernatural work of God whereby someone really does become a new creature. That’s not spiritual poetry, its reality. ~Paul Washer

You can judge a book by its cover, in the same way you can judge a tree by its fruit. ~Paul Washer

It’s a spiritual impossibility for a true Christian to bear bad fruit. ~Paul Washer

This salvation thing is a work of God to show His glory.  That’s why He’s not going to let it fail. ~Paul Washer

The evidence of your salvation is going to be God beginning to work in your life, directing you towards scripture, pointing out sin in your life, making you contrite. ~Paul Washer

Truth is meant to wound. ~Paul Washer

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From: One of the most important passages of Scripture.

There is no truth greater, no truth deeper than the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  ~Paul Washer

One of the greatest needs of our day in the church is not to invent a new Gospel, but to rediscover the Gospel we have forgotten.  ~Paul Washer

On the day of the second coming, you will understand absolutely everything about the second coming, but you will be in heaven an eternity of eternities and you will still not even have begun to understand or comprehend the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  ~Paul Washer

He [Jesus] came for us not because of us, but in spite of us.  ~Paul Washer

God is a perfectly righteous God … and we are not.  ~Paul Washer

Our greatest problem is that God is good … and we are not.  ~Paul Washer

We were made for the glory of God and we have fallen short of that and that’s why we’re so miserable.  ~Paul Washer

One of the greatest sins is when the giftedness that He’s given each one of us is not used for Him.  ~Paul Washer

Isn’t it amazing though, that men, rather than accept the free gift of salvation, would rather set their jaw and say, “I need nothing from deity! I need nothing from God!”  ~Paul Washer

You and I deserve eternal punishment outside of the favorable presence of God.  In order to pay for that, in order to satisfy that, Chris had to suffer our abandonment.  ~Paul Washer

It is not just His sinless perfection that saves us; it is His infinite worth that save us.  ~Paul Washer

Jesus is not A Savior.  He’s THE Savior.  The ONLY Savior. ~Paul Washer

Mankind will one day stand before Jesus Christ, and all of mankind will one day bow before Jesus Christ.  And to the glory of God the Father, they will cry out, “He is Lord! He is Lord! He is Lord!”  ~Paul Washer

God loves sinners and desires that they be saved.  ~Paul Washer

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