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From: Pray and be alone with God.

Jesus was a man of prayer.  ~Paul Washer

When people hear you pray, do they hear someone who knows God?  ~Paul Washer

You can’t fake prayer.  ~Paul Washer

If prayer was so important to the incarnate Son of the living God, then how much more important should prayer be to us?  ~Paul Washer

Jesus lived a life of prayer.  ~Paul Washer

The only place you’ll ever rest is in Jesus Christ.  ~Paul Washer

When prayer becomes a labor, we’re not like the Christ.  ~Paul Washer

Could it just be possible that He [Jesus] always wanted to slip away and be alone with God simply because He loved Him?  ~Paul Washer

Isn’t it amazing that the Christ would slip away and spend the entire night in prayer to discern the Father’s voice, to pick the men that had to be picked?  ~Paul Washer

My friend, when He [Jesus] got up off His knees, the battle was over.  ~Paul Washer

There are so many mountains in your life, so many obstacles in your life; so many things in your life that seek to derail you−to stop you.  And they’re going to stay there because some of those things just don’t go away by counseling.  They go away by falling on your face before God until He delivers you.  ~Paul Washer

If you want to sum up everything He [Jesus] taught about prayer … ‘we ought to pray at all times!’  ~Paul Washer

There is no way you can practice the presence of God if you do not spend much time in secret prayer.  ~Paul Washer

It is our purpose, and our responsibility, to proclaim that Jesus Christ IS God.  ~Paul Washer

The things He [Jesus] taught, and the miracles He performed, He performed as a man totally and completely submitted to the will of the Father, and totally and completely dependent on the Holy Spirit.  ~Paul Washer

It could be said that our only need is to be like Jesus.  ~Paul Washer

Is it not the great sin to take the matter into our own hands?  ~Paul Washer

If all the doors in all of creation fly open and say STOP, then you bring glory to God by stopping.  You’ll save yourself from a whole lot of peril.  ~Paul Washer

The ministry of Jesus Christ was a Spirit empowered ministry, a ministry sensitive to the Holy Spirit.  How much more do we need the same?  ~Paul Washer

I have noticed that when men preach, and they’re exercising their gifts of preaching and they’re doing so in the power of the Holy Spirit, after the event is over, they are absolutely worn out.  Virtue has gone out from them.  ~Paul Washer

Prayer was essential to Jesus Christ.  ~Paul Washer

Jesus knew that His priority was to be in the presence of God, to seek the face of His God, to follow His God and that the greatest thing He could do for humanity is the greatest thing you can do for humanity … to seek your God.  ~Paul Washer

I don’t know about you, but I see the greatest need is seeking the Lord as Jesus sought Him, and being in His presence, and being empowered by Him.  ~Paul Washer

Call upon Him, believe Him!  ~Paul Washer

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