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From: One of the most important passages of Scripture.

There is no truth greater, no truth deeper than the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  ~Paul Washer

One of the greatest needs of our day in the church is not to invent a new Gospel, but to rediscover the Gospel we have forgotten.  ~Paul Washer

On the day of the second coming, you will understand absolutely everything about the second coming, but you will be in heaven an eternity of eternities and you will still not even have begun to understand or comprehend the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  ~Paul Washer

He [Jesus] came for us not because of us, but in spite of us.  ~Paul Washer

God is a perfectly righteous God … and we are not.  ~Paul Washer

Our greatest problem is that God is good … and we are not.  ~Paul Washer

We were made for the glory of God and we have fallen short of that and that’s why we’re so miserable.  ~Paul Washer

One of the greatest sins is when the giftedness that He’s given each one of us is not used for Him.  ~Paul Washer

Isn’t it amazing though, that men, rather than accept the free gift of salvation, would rather set their jaw and say, “I need nothing from deity! I need nothing from God!”  ~Paul Washer

You and I deserve eternal punishment outside of the favorable presence of God.  In order to pay for that, in order to satisfy that, Chris had to suffer our abandonment.  ~Paul Washer

It is not just His sinless perfection that saves us; it is His infinite worth that save us.  ~Paul Washer

Jesus is not A Savior.  He’s THE Savior.  The ONLY Savior. ~Paul Washer

Mankind will one day stand before Jesus Christ, and all of mankind will one day bow before Jesus Christ.  And to the glory of God the Father, they will cry out, “He is Lord! He is Lord! He is Lord!”  ~Paul Washer

God loves sinners and desires that they be saved.  ~Paul Washer

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From: How much do you know God?

The journey began the moment you were converted.   ~Paul Washer

What part of GO don’t you understand?  You either go down into the well as a missionary, or you hold the rope for those who go down.  ~Paul Washer

There are no great men or women of God.  There are only tiny, broken, weak, feeble men of a great and merciful God.  ~Paul Washer

Missions is not about sending missionaries.  Missions is about sending the truth of God through missionaries.  ~Paul Washer

How much time do you spend in knowing God−the greatest of all pursuits?  ~Paul Washer

He’s [God] not simply to have your best, He’s to have it all.  ~Paul Washer

If I don’t know you [God] in a greater way, whom do I have but thee, oh God?  ~Paul Washer

We will be restless until we rest in Him.  ~Paul Washer

There is an intimate communion, and fellowship, and a walking with God, and that must be our main pursuit.  ~Paul Washer

In all our ‘doing’, the greatest thing is a passion for God.  ~Paul Washer

God will do the work.  He will get glory for Himself.  But He invites us to participate in that.  ~Paul Washer

All things were made for Him.  They were made through Him.  They were made by him. They were made in Him.  ~Paul Washer

That will be my magnificent obsession.  To know my God. ~Paul Washer

Our lives are not to be based upon experience, but it is to be based on the word of God and on sound teaching.  ~Paul Washer

Know this … there is a God and He is more that a doctrine.  He is a person.  ~Paul Washer

God still moves and we should not only desire it.  We should expect it!  ~Paul Washer

We, like many of the men we honor who went before us, should make it our constant prayer to cry out for greater and greater manifestations of the Spirit’s power in our life and preaching.  ~Paul Washer

Do this one thing … but be prayed up before you do it!, Cry out, “Oh God, make me like your Son.”  ~Paul Washer

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To better understand the context from which these quotes are taken, I urge you to view the full video sermon at:  

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