Paul Washer Quotes

~as transcribed by Rose Michels

From: The True Vine

Jesus Christ did not shed his blood for you so that the very first thing you see when you walk into glory is a scowl on His [God] face because of all your failures.  ~Paul Washer

There is a voice … there is always a voice, taking everything you think about yourself and using it to drive you away from Christ.   ~Paul Washer

Any voice that under any circumstance drives you away from Jesus Christ is the voice of the deceiver.  ~Paul Washer

You have been bought with a price in order to bear fruit.  ~Paul Washer

Why is Jesus’ saying, “I am!” so important? Because, you’re not!  ~Paul Washer

There’s really only one thing that can fill you … can feed your hunger, and it’s not a thing, it’s a person.  It’s Christ!  ~Paul Washer

You say, “My life’s not complete.”  Of course not!  You live in a fallen world.  ~Paul Washer

You’ve been recreated and the only one who can satisfy you is Christ and that’s why it’s useless to go to other things.  ~Paul Washer

Because sanctification is progressive, you will spend the greater part of your life chasing other things. And those other things will leave you empty and that is why ‘the why’ of trials.   ~Paul Washer

If you run to scripture and you stop there, then you’ve missed the entire point of scripture.  The point of scripture is to send you on to Christ in a correct fashion, that you might feed from Him.   ~Paul Washer

It requires a greater degree of suffering to bring a man to a greater degree of the presence of Christ.   ~Paul Washer

The good things, even the gifts, can become things that we think of more than the Giver.   ~Paul Washer

We have a tendency to seek out other things than God.   ~Paul Washer

I am convinced that the men and women who have made the most progress in the Christian life have been those who have seen more of the other world.  They have a deeper sense of what is to come.  ~Paul Washer

You will never catch a vision of God while you’re filling yourselves up with much of what even western Christianity says is acceptable as far as what you see with your eyes.  ~Paul Washer

If we are to be known in this community, it is not because of how wonderful a congregation we are.  It is how wonderful a Savior He is!  ~Paul Washer

It’s all about Christ … even to the point where we say even the good things are rot compared to Him.  ~Paul Washer

You mark my words, and it won’t be long … when persecution begins in this country [USA], and it strips everything from you, and most of the evangelical church goes totally apostate, and little groups are left to be berated, THEN you will see that Christ is enough.  ~Paul Washer

I don’t want revival … I WANT CHRIST!  And if we have Christ, there will be a revival.  ~Paul Washer

I would rather have my household rather wild, but my children knowing there is a passion for Christ there.  ~Paul Washer

Christianity is not necessarily an ethical or moralistic religion.  It has a moral and a defined ethic, but it is a relational religion.  It’s Him … being bound to Him.  ~Paul Washer

My dear friends, there’s a sense, when poverty comes upon you, when you have nothing … no one can help you but Christ!  Then, Christ becomes precious to you.   ~Paul Washer

Persecution has never hurt the church … only prosperity.  ~Paul Washer

The Vine provides power and life.  The Vinedresser provides direction.   ~Paul Washer

You have a tendency to distract yourself from Christ.  And in distracting yourself from Christ, you lose all purpose and all power.    ~Paul Washer

The Father, in His providential work, is pushing us back to the Vine [Jesus].   ~Paul Washer

Everything that is in your life that is weakness, everything that is in your life that is sin … do not allow that thing that’s in your life sifting, to cause you to separate yourself even further from Christ.   ~Paul Washer

Every weakness, every shadow, every darkness is set to show you your weakness.  Your total inability to live the Christian life, and it is the Father pushing you back to the Son.   ~Paul Washer

Some of the believers that have been most fruitful since the ascension of Jesus Christ were people who experienced extraordinary difficulties.   ~Paul Washer

Your weakness is a catalyst to push you to grab harder onto Christ so that you might be filled.  ~Paul Washer

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2 thoughts on “From: The True Vine

  1. IRAKOZE BERTIN on said:

    true gospel

  2. Victor on said:

    One of the first preachers that the holy spirit led me to besides Bill Graham and David Wilkerson was Paul Washer. True gospel indeed.

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