Paul Washer Quotes

~as transcribed by Rose Michels

From: The Great Privilege

You may be in a church where God is working, but is God working in you as an individual?  ~Paul Washer

I feel that ‘missions’ has lost its message.  That we’ve become strategist and missiologist and we have forgotten that, first and foremost, we are theologians and prophets.  And that our tasks are not to do missions.  Our task is to take the truth−God’s truth revealed in God’s word, to the world.  ~Paul Washer

Rather than being pragmatic and doing what we think will work, we are to do what’s right, whether it works or not.  ~Paul Washer

If you realize that absolutely everything in this temporal sphere is dust and rot, then you will begin to have a zeal for God.  And when you have a zeal for God, you’ll have a zeal for missions.  ~Paul Washer

I don’t need to be a prophet or the son of a prophet to know what your God is.  I only have to watch your life. ~Paul Washer

You will draw your next breath only because God gives it. ~Paul Washer

He [God] needs nothing from you, so Him calling you to Himself, asking you to come and serve is not a need to be fulfilled, He’s offering you a privilege.  ~Paul Washer

He [God] offers you the privilege to know Him, to enter into a relationship with Him, and to follow Him with everything!  ~Paul Washer

In the new covenant, everyone is allowed to come as near as he desires.  ~Paul Washer

We can so easily spot the tiniest error in the life of another man, be we ourselves can commit the greatest atrocities against God …  the most heinous crimes, and be totally, totally ignorant to it.  ~Paul Washer

What does He [God] demand from us?  Everything!  ~Paul Washer

Jesus promises you two things, a cross to die on and eternal life.  ~Paul Washer

He’s [God] everything, or He’s nothing.  ~Paul Washer

I know we are a man-centered people and we think it’s all about us, but we are wrong.  ~Paul Washer

So difficult is our salvation that only GOD can make it possible.  ~Paul Washer

The evidence that you repented unto salvation one time ago, a long time ago, is that you are still repenting today and growing in repentance.  ~Paul Washer

The evidence that He changed your life is that He’s still doing it, and if He’s not still doing it, He didn’t do it to start off with.  ~Paul Washer

Go offer your employer what you offer God and see how long you’ll last.  Offer even acquaintances what you offer God and see how long they remain your friends.  Offer your family what you offer God and see how long you have a family.   ~Paul Washer

We can get all excited about missions but do you witness to the guy sitting down beside you?  ~Paul Washer

One thing the church growth guys got right was is this … 20% of the members of a church do 80% of the work and 80% do nothing.   ~Paul Washer

You’re not called to congregate in order to watch other people minister.  You’re called to congregate in order to be fed by the word of God and worship and then spend the rest of your week ministering unto the people of God and for the glory of God.  ~Paul Washer

Don’t talk to me about world missions unless you’re going to talk to me about this [the local church].  ~Paul Washer

God’s only got one thing going and it’s not a denomination and it’s not a program.  It’s a bride!  And that bride manifests itself in the local church.  ~Paul Washer

How long will you do this?  Why will you not repent and throw away everything and serve the Lord? ~Paul Washer

Don’t come down here and just pray a little prayer and think every thing’s okay and go back.  Deal with the fact that you are being confronted with the Gospel that demands everything from you.  ~Paul Washer

If your heart is truly regenerate, you’ll say, “AMEN, let Him take it all!  He’s worthy!”  ~Paul Washer

You see, you start believing this book [the Bible] and it can really be radical.  ~Paul Washer

It is better to be a secularist … it is better to be an atheist, to claim nothing of God and from God than to claim God and enter into that claim half-heartedly.  ~Paul Washer

One of the greatest signs of hope for a church is when God comes to them and speaks a hard word, because it means that they’re still His people.    The most terrifying thing is when the only thing you hear is good stuff.  ~Paul Washer

He [God] looks upon the one who is broken and contrite before His word and trembles at it.  So in that, dear saints, for those of you who are saints, be encouraged.  Be greatly encouraged.  He, who began a good work in you, will finish it. ~Paul Washer

He’s [God] invited you into the privilege of being a part of this great work that He is doing and if you accept that privilege, praise the Lord!  How bountiful and purposeful your life will be.  ~Paul Washer

One of the most terrifying things about judgment, to me as a Christian is this … to have put before me, before my view on judgment day, all the great privilege that was granted me and I despised it for trinkets that burned up in the fire.  ~Paul Washer

Why are we here?  Why does that heart of ours beat if not for Him and the advancement of His kingdom?  ~Paul Washer

The ‘much’ that you’ve done … how much of it is eternal?  ~Paul Washer

‘Missions’ is very simple.  There are only two ministries in missions.  You’re either called to go down into the well or you’re called to hold the rope for those that go down.  Either way, there should be scars on your hands.  Where are your scars?  What has it cost you to be a Christian?  ~Paul Washer

How many opportunities, in this world, have you lost because of your identification with the name of Christ?  ~Paul Washer

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2 thoughts on “From: The Great Privilege

  1. Is it a sin not to be a member of a local church? Does it disqualify you from being able to take communion?

  2. Please, forgive me for answering this so late.

    I only just now came across it. You question has a problem. Perhaps you already know what I am about to say. Please again, I ask you to forgive me for repeating what you may already know.

    However, it may be you do not know this.
    You. You are the local church. The church is not a building. It is a supernatural body.

    You are part of the body, and you need to be connected to the rest of that body, or you will wither, and not be fed.

    As it is written: “What will the mouth say “I have no need of the hand?”

    How about this, What if the other members of the local church have need of you and you are not their for them? How can there be communion

    Lark Warf, did God bless you for yourself.. or to become a blessing to others?

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